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" Higher & Higher towards Life Goal. Regardless of whether you are out with friends or if you are a guide, your leadership skills are an important ingredient of your success and safety in the Adventure Sports."

N. Ibungochoubi
President MMTA

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78th Adventure Course 2016

The 78th Adventure Course will be held from September 21 to October 7 at the Manipur Mountaineering Institute Lamdan. Interested persons are required to submit their names and details at the office of the MMTA Minuthong at the earliest.

The Course has been designed to provide the Youth with the four attributes of Endurance, Courage, Comradeship and Excellence. It is done by exposing the Youth to both the imposing might and Beauty of Nature through outdoor exercises, including Trekking, Rock Climbing, Water-man ship, Map Reading, Camp, preparedness on disaster management, Bush Crafts and Jungle Survival. Community Work, Cultural Programmes, Public Speaking and Group Competitions are special features of the Course. Our Credo: Every Youth should emerge with a firmer base and stronger determination to stand and face the challenges of life and provide leadership when the situation demands.


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