From The Director Board

“Vision is not enough; it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, We must step up the stairs.”

Vaclav Havel.

Courses at MMTA

The various adventure programmes on offer at MMTA are our raison d'etre. They are what the Adventure Institute was first formed to provide. This is where we aim to impact both the practical skills to safely venture into the wilds and to show both instruction and example what having an adventurous spirit really means. Teaching sessions provide the introductory skills and knowledge needed for each activity. These are followed by intensive practice on the wall or out on the nearby crags and hills. On longer courses, the finale is a supervised but self-organized trek which gives trainees the chance to bring all their skills together.

List of Courses Provided at MMTA

The Institute also has a team of the minimum required well trained and experienced trainers and guides,infrastructure and equipments, Adventure coursers regularly conducted by the institute are as follows:

1. Adventure Course: not less than 50 people per course 6 times a year

2. Adventure Camp - not less than 50 people per camp 5 times a year

3. Parasailing:- not more than 50 person per events on request

4. Children Adventure Camp, not less than 30 children per camp on request

5. Trekking Expedition. Not more than 30 person on request

6. Rafting Expedition. Not more than 12 person on request, best season (August to October)

7. Mini Rafting not more than 12 person on request, best season (August to October)

8. Eco-tourism (package) not more than 30 person on request

(A) 3 days at Lamdan Adventure & Leadership Park: Obstacle Course, Natural Rock Climbing, Parasailing, Valley & Loktak, View, Laimaton Trekking etc.

(B) 3 days at Ukhrul: Shiroy Peak, Khangkhui cave etc.

(C) 8 days at Tamenglong (Tharon caving, Barak Waterfall, Zeilad Lake and Tamenglong Monument etc) Total 15 days covering 3 Districts of Manipur.

9. Paragliding on request

10. Hot Air Ballooning book before two months not less than 20 season Nov- March


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